Jet Airways flight from Mangalore to Dammam to Sharjah


Jet Airways flight from Mangalore to Dammam to Sharjah

Jet Airways is trying to improve the connectivity to the gulf region from India, these days people have been travelling to gulf countries more and more and they are finding difficulty in travelling, as there was no proper connectivity through flights.

Jet Airways has taken an initiative by allocating a flight from Mangalore to Dammam to Sharjah.

Jet Airways 9W 206 will depart Hyderabad at 2015 and arrive in Dammam at 2230. Jet Airways 9W 205 (return flight) will depart from Dammam at 2330 and arrive into Hyderabad at 06.00.

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Jet Airways 9W 504 will depart Mangalore at 0930 and arrive in Sharjah at 1145. Jet Airways 9W 503 (return flight) will depart from Sharjah at 1245 and arrive in Mangaluru at 1755.

This initiative will serve most of the Indians to travel to gulf countries without much difficulty in changing the flights, this could be a one step service offered by the Jet Airways.

This flight serves the Business class and Economic Class as well.

Enjoy Travelling with Jet Airways.


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