Interns suspended After TikTok Videos Shot In Gandhi Hospital Goes Viral

Interns Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad: Two interns of a government hospital in Hyderabad have been suspended after the ticktock video filmed in the Physiotherapy department went viral on social media.

All four videos were shot by a young man and a woman at Gandhi Hospital. They acted for the movie clips in the videos. The superintendent of the hospital is on leave; Resident Medical Officer Incharge, however, confirmed the dismissal of two interns.

Last week, Minister Mahmoud Ali’s grandson Tik Tok video went viral on social media in which he was sitting on a police vehicle. In the video, his friend plays to the audio of a film that warns the “IG” (Inspector General of Police) to ignore his actions to avoid displeasing “the boss” who refers to Mr. Ali’s grandson.

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The Home Minister, who responded to the tiktok video, said his grandson “just sits on the vehicle”. The minister said that they had gone to a function in Yakatpura, Hyderabad two days ago, where a local man had made the video. “Some local man made this video … we will look into it,” the minister told PTI. The video has not yet received a public apology or action.

In another incident, contract employees of the Khammam Municipal Corporation were transferred to the office after performing tiktok video.

Two days ago, a Gujarat woman police officer was suspended after a video of her dancing inside a police station went viral on social media. A Gujarat-based Young Lady Police Officer has been suspended on Wednesday after a video of her dancing inside a police station for a Bollywood song went viral on social media, officials said.

Lok Rakshakdal (LRD) recruit Arpita Chaudhary was seen dancing in front of a lock-up inside the Langnaz police station in Mehsana district.

Recruited in the LRD in the year 2016, Chaudhary was transferred to Mehsana in the year 2018, said the concerned police official.


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