India’s first e-court Launched at Hyderabad High Court

First e court at telangana high court

India’s 1st e-court was Sunday opened at Apex Court of Judicature at Hyderabad, that is that the common Court for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Inaugurating the e-court, Supreme Court judge Justice Madan B. Lokur aforesaid Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were 1st 2 states within the country to be chosen for Integrated Criminal Justice System (ICJS) project.

While noting that the 2 states created remarkable progress in technology, he aforesaid it had been one in every of the reasons for the choice to launch the ICJS, a “system that goes to integrate police stations with the courts, with jails, with the prosecution and with the rhetorical science laboratories”.


Justice Lokur, who heads the e-Committee of the Supreme Court, aforesaid modalities of the system are going to be figured out at a meet scheduled  on July twenty eight, and he was quite impressed with the e-court at Hyderabad apex court.

“It isn’t solely the e-court in the sense it’s absolutely computerized however it conjointly a paperless court. we spent couple of minutes understanding the system and that i tried my hand at trying the technology. It’s extraordinarily user friendly.


I will encourage all judges to undertake it,” he said

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“During this next week week i’m about to attempt to introduce this in Supreme Court in addition. If it happens within the Supreme Court, you (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh high court) will take all credit for it,” he said.

Stating that technology nowadays is far higher, he exuded confidence that each one judges are able to use it simply. He hoped that there’ll be additional e-courts in near future.

Justice Lokur aforesaid a large amount of progress has been created during this judicature over number of years because of the keen interest taken by the Chief Justice of High Court.

“Things dramatically modified over last three or four years. The team effort led to the present modification. The e-committee attempting to supplement this team effort,” he added.

He aforesaid the aim of e-courts was to make sure speedy justice for the litigants. He stressed the necessity to appoint employees for paperless courts and suggested judges to target on-line information entry.

High court incharge chief justice Dilip B. Bhosale, judges of the high court and senior officers were there at the scene.


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