Hyderabad serial killer Yerukali Srinu often speed dialed top cops


Serial killer Yerukali Srinu, who is accused of murdering at least 17 women in the Mahabubnagar neighborhood, has rescued the number of top cops. Every time a cop knocks on his door he calls them to complain about asking questions.

According to sources, a good senior IPS officer who did not call the investigating officer in the murder case was behind bars a few months back. The IPS officer told the investigating officer that Yerukali Srinu had changed his ways and offered a chance for reform.

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Mahabubnagar police finally caught up with Srinu on Friday and sentenced him to life imprisonment and murder of four women after he got out of jail. When officers browsed through his phone contacts, they were surprised to find that he had almost all senior police officers. District and State Prison Department.

Police officers told TOI that Yerukali Srinu was very street smart and that the numbers came from information boards placed in various police stations and outside prisons. Boards have been set up to assist citizens in times of emergency. Srinu also collected numbers from local police who knew him.

When police suspected his involvement in the recent murder, they knocked on his door. Srinu locked himself up and immediately started calling senior police officers. He noted that some angry people were knocking on his door, threatening his life. Senior officers rushed a district police team to his home to find out that investigating officers were trying to catch Srinu.

Using these tactics, Sree was able to stop the police for more than five hours, but was eventually arrested.

Authorities said Srinu should be in jail in August. He managed to escape by convincing an IPS officer not to change his ways and not to be harassed. The officer fell for the story and called the local police. The officer told him to look for evidence before taking Srinu, saying he was reformed.

Srinu has been in and out of jail since 2007. Srinu is believed to have started his murder spree a decade ago. He was also sentenced to life imprisonment in a murder case in 2009, but in 2013 was granted relief for good behavior.


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