Hyderabad Metro Rail will now allow women to carry pepper spray for self-defense

Hyderabad Metro Rail

Hyderabad Metro Rail MD, NVS Reddy said in a media conference that instructions have been issued to security personnel at the metro stations to allow women to carry pepper spray for their safety.

Officials of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited announced on Wednesday that they would take them with them.

The decision comes in the wake of the latest incident of a 26-year-old veterinarian who was raped and killed in the suburbs of Hyderabad last week.

HMR Managing Director NVS Reddy said in a press release that the security personnel had been instructed to allow women to carry pepper spray for their own safety.

Questions are being raised about allowing girls and women to use pepper spray as a self-defense mechanism on Hyderabad Metro trains as they are allowed on the Bangalore Metro Rail. Our security personnel had been instructed to allow this on our metro trains, ”Reddy said.

So far, carrying pepper spray on metro trains is not allowed due to fire safety. “We will be strict vigilantes at metro stations to ensure women’s safety,” said a Metro Rail official.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, under the direction of women in the state, the ministers will discuss measures to be taken for the safety of the child, the authorities held a team meeting on Wednesday.

It has been decided to order all police stations to immediately accept the missing women and children’s complaints on receipt, without bothering about the Zero FIR. The police should take immediate action to find the missing.

The meeting decided to strengthen the various police helplines, including the Control Room and the Hack Eye mobile application, and to conduct intensive awareness programs on ways to use those facilities when needed. These helpline numbers are prominently displayed in all educational institutions, from elementary schools to colleges, all government offices, public transport vehicles, autos, and cabs.

The government has decided to create a system of ethics and ethics in children with respect to a girl/girl from elementary school level by bringing special/extra curriculum on moral values ​​in coordination with She-Teams. (teams formed by police in protection of Women from harassment). Certificates are issued to students participating in these classes.


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