Hyderabad Man Distributed Liquor Pegs to the Needy People


Speaking to Media, Mr. Kumar said, “I am returning to my home in the old city of Hyderabad after completing my work yesterday. Meanwhile, I have noticed that a woman in the Champapet area suffers from convulsion/fits due to Alcohol.

Amidst the nationwide lockdown, a Hyderabadi resident distributed liquor pegs to the public on Sunday morning.

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Speaking to Media, he said, “After I finished my work yesterday, I was returning to my home in the old city of Hyderabad, while I noticed that a woman in Champapet area was suffering from alcohol-induced fits.

She was then rushed to the hospital. “There are other people out there who are addicted to alcohol. I have a bottle of alcohol in my apartment. So I wanted to distribute alcohol pegs to them,” he added.

Kumar said he had distributed alcohol to people in need this morning.

He stated that his purpose was not to violate government norms but to help the public.


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