Hyderabad is Safe : Mahender Reddy CP

Cp Mahender reddy

Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy appealed to public that rumours have been spread in social media that there is a big threat to public  near by Madhapur and it zone in Hyderabad about public safety and security.

Police have said that there are ne=umerous rumours spread on social media that bombs are placed at different places in IT corridor and other places in Hyderabad but these are absolutely just to raise attention but not at all true.

Commissioner said that the Law and order is absolutely safe  and completely under control in hyderabad city and there is no need to worry about the terror attacks in the city.

NIA( National Investigating agency ) has performed well in catching the threats to the Hyderabad city and arrested the persons who involved in this massive attack.

Though the NIA said they were actually planning a big blast in Temple areas and Meanwhile in the places near by the IT Corridor in Gachibowli and Hitech city.  But reddy appealed to public that the city perfectly safe and no need to worry about the issue.

Hyderabad public do not need to get worried as the police officials are using high technology tools in predicting the movements of suspicious activity in hyderabad city and so Be relax about the rumours.




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