Hyderabad Funds case: Nizam money is ours – Government of Telangana

hyderabad funds case

The Central government has been following up the Hyderabad Funds case with the Telangana regime because the needed documents purportedly hold on at the Tarnaka archives haven’t been found.

Hyderabad Funds case: Officials of the External Affairs ministry have visited town thrice until date to look for the documents. in the meantime senior regime officers UN agency area unit handling the case same that the Centre couldn’t be a applier since the funds were transferred from the Hyderabad government. they are saying that the TS government ought to be the applier because it is that the successor of the Nizam’s government.

A senior government officer said , “The funds were transferred from the Hyderabad account to London in 1947-48. It ought to be remembered that Hyderabad was associate freelance state even once independence, 1947. however once the state of Hyderabad came beneath the Central government, little parts were connected to Karnataka and Maharashtra. The funds transferred were from the govt. of Hyderabad whose successor is that the government of Telangana.

“GOI has been following the proof with the TS government once the state was divided. whereas the proof is in Hyderabad, these files will substantiate the GOI’s claim. but nobody is aware of wherever the files area unit, neither will the GOI have any original documents to pursue it. it’s the govt. of TS that may claim it because it is that the successor of the govt. of the Nizam.”

The last visit of officers from the External Affairs ministry was 5 months past, however, the files weren’t found. Mr A.K. Goyal, adviser to the govt. of TS, had accompanied the officers in their explore for the documents at the archives.


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