Hyderabad: Former air hostess and her husband held for blackmailing businessman

Honey Trapping

Hyderabad: A former air hostess and her husband were arrested by the Hyderabad police on Thursday for blackmailing a businessman after being trapped by honey.

According to the police, the couple demanded Rs 1 crore from the businessman and after collecting his videos and photographs in a compromising position, he was blackmailed and charged Rs 20 lakh.

According to cyberabad police, on October 18, an investor approached Moinabad police station and complained that former air hostess Kanishka and her husband Vijay Kumar were blackmailing her. The police have investigated and arrested the couple.

A police official said that Kanishka was friendly with the businessman and was going to hotels and resorts with him. She convinced him to invest Rs 10 lakh in a restaurant.

Putting the honey trap, he invited the Kanishka businessman to a resort, where she was offered an intoxicating drink. Kanishka’s husband Vijay Kumar took photos of the businessman with her.

Vijay Kumar later showed the pictures to the businessman and accused him of ruining his wife’s life. He demanded Rs 1 crore from a businessman using a toy pistol. He threatened to make the photographs and videos public. Police said the businessman was forced to sign a pair of bond papers.

The investigation revealed that the couple suffered losses in the hotel business, and since then they have been chasing on honey trapping on soft targets to extort money.

Police are investigating to determine the couple’s other targets as well.


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