hyderabad businessman kidnapped and Freed after paying ransom 1 crore

hyderabad businessman kidnapped

Hyderabad: A private financier in Hyderabad was kidnapped by four masks on Sunday night and taken to a goddam nine kilometers away, police said. His family paid Rs. 1 crore as a ransom for kidnappers.

Gajendra Parakh was kidnapped on Sunday night in the city’s godown. His kidnappers and his family paid them Rs. 3 crores.

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His family paid Rs. 1 crore for the kidnappers, Gajendra Parakh was released on Monday. He was hospitalized with a broken arm and eye injury. Police are investigating the case. They are investigating CCTV footage for the location of the abduction, the vehicles used, and the route taken by the kidnappers. Hyderabad businessmen say they are concerned for their safety after the incident. “This is Gajendra today. It could be any of us tomorrow. We have to do something.


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