Hyderabad Airport Metro to have underground section connecting to the passenger terminal

Hyderabad Airport Metro

Hyderabad Airport Metro: Officials are looking at an innovative financing model to make the project financially viable

The proposed high-speed metro train from Raidurg / Mindspace Junction to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Shamshabad is a must-have, but it also has a 2.5 km underground section to connect to the airport terminal.

Hyderabad Airport Metro Rail (HML), a government special purpose vehicle designed to build the 31-kilometer Airport Express Metro Corridor at a height of 27km and another 1km, is looking at an ‘innovative financing model’. According to Managing Director NVS, Reddy is financially profitable.

The project, which is estimated to cost up to Rs 5,000 crore, is awaiting government approval to call for financial and technical auctions. It is essentially a government-funded and owned metro, in contrast to the ongoing Hyderabad Metro Rail project, which is in Public, Private, Partnership (PPP) mode, and L&T Metro Rail is the building and first stage of Hyderabad. However, the private sector is widely involved in optimizing airport metro costs. “We have the option of seeking central government financing of up to 10% of the total cost, which comes with its own set of rules and regulations or we can take up the entire work on our own,” he explained.
Metro Rail Coach’s leasehold, naming rights for the development of stations, coaching announcements, modular development of stations that are likely to be expanded, and 50 to 100 acres of land pooling are among the options on the township’s development.

Since the elevated viaduct crosses the outer ring road (ORR) at 16 places and the on-ground railway line at Shamshabad, there will be significant cost reduction as the height of the piers is not greater than the current project. The minimum height is 5.5 meters from the ground. “With just nine elevated stations and one underground on the way, we are planning a passenger reverse ridership into the high-tech city. It takes 20 minutes from the metro airport to the city. It is game-changing and can go up to 3-5 lakh in a few years, as we expect millions of passengers from the first day.” Said Mr. Reddy.

Airport Metro Corridor will open at BioDiversity Junction 1 km from the end of the present Corridor III (Nagol to Raidurg), followed by 2.5 km Nanakramguda, Nursing 3 km, TS Police Academy 5 km, Rajendranagar 3.5 km, Shamshabad Airport, 9 km The cargo station is 3 km and the terminal is 2.5 / 3 km.

“The Boston Consulting Group is considering proposals, although we have more or less finalized the arrangement and route,” the MD said.

Estimated cost

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has estimated that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and GMR Group will each invest Rs 400 crore and Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation.

HAML Managing Director N.V.S. Reddy expects the proposed cost of the project to increase by at least 10%. “It is possible to build the entire stretch over the next three and a half years because the land acquisition portion is not as large and we will build along the ORR,” he said.

However, the finalization of tenders can take up to eight months before work begins, meaning the airport metro timeline is in government court.


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