Hyderabad: A woman was on ventilator, ward boy went inside molested her

Women Molested

Crimes these days came as a surprise to all. In that case, the most recent case is from Hyderabad. According to reports received in the case, the incident in the city is reminiscent of the Mumbai-based Aruna Schoenbag case of the late 70s. Yes, here, on August 26, a 50-year-old ward boy molested a 30-year-old woman on a ventilator in an ICU in a private hospital in the city. In this case, the subject is said to have come to light when the victim was healthy and told her parents about her abuses.

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Yes, according to the reports in the case, Banjarahills police have filed a case against the victim’s parents. According to a complaint at the police station, the victim was taken to the city’s city hospital for delivery, but due to some complications in the delivery, her condition suddenly deteriorated and she was placed on a ventilator in the ICU. The woman herself said that the 50-year-old ward boy had abused her at the time and identified the accused as Achut Rao.

In the case, Banjarahills Police Inspector Kalingarao said that “they have filed a complaint on behalf of the parents of the victims and the case has been registered against the accused under section 354”. The accused Achut Rao was taken into custody and will be remanded to judicial custody after his appearance in court on Monday. “


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