Humanity ? Man Identified as a Medical Student from chennai throwing dog from the roof

man throwing dog from terrace

This is a Video which is going viral in social media, a man, identified as a medico from Chennai has posing in front the camera and unfortunately he throws a small puppy from the roof, this really makes you feel disgusted for any animal lover in the world.

This Man identified as Mr. Gautam and medico from chennai, holds a small dog by its neck and back, mercilessly flings it off the roof from a multi stored building, and films this disgusting act.

According to a report in The NewsMinute , the man in the video has been identified as Gautam S, final year medico from Madha medical college. Students from the college sent the details about Gautam and the person who shot the video to the NewsMinute.

Reports say that when police got the information and when police were about to arrest both Mr. Gautam and Mr. Ashish Pal were escaped from the spot and search operation is going on. Hope police will find them very soon.

Animal rights activists, Mr. Shravan Krishna, is posting regular updates about the investigation on his Facebook page.

Can have a look at it.

Here is the Video [AdSense-C]




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