HSRP Plate To Come as Standard for the New Vehicles Sold From April 2019

HSRP number Plate

The High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP Plate) should be provided by manufacturers for all vehicles sold  from April 2019 should come back as standard Automobile theft is one in every of the most important business in India

and government along with manufacturers are functioning on new technologies to make it more and more it safer. Most of the trendy cars are fitted with anti-theft alarms along side different safety things to prevent theft. the govt. has already introduced high-security registration plates. according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, all vehicles to be sold  from April 2019 should come back pre-fitted with High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) as a standard feature.

The notification conjointly states that the high-security registration plate as well as the third registration mark shall be provided by the manufacturer. The dealers additionally give the high-security registrations plates (HSRP Plate) for brand new and old vehicles also. The ministry needs to make sure that the quality of the number plates should be good, that is why the manufacturer is providing them. the existing vehicles may get this number plate as they have to surrender the previous one to the dealer.

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The registration plate go along with fifteen years of guarantee and if the HSRP plate has any damage due to nature or breaks or withers then the dealer, who fitted the number plate should replace it with a brand new one. In April the ministry has asked for suggestions and objections before finalizing the new law.

The HSRP plate comes with millions of advanced technologies because it gets a chromium-based hologram on the highest left corner and it contains the Ashok Chakra in blue color. there’ll be laser incised 9-digit code, security inscript, embossed borders and alpha numerals. the number also get superior grade reflective material and snap locks, that can’t be used again.

The price of this number plate can be additional to the value of the product because the manufacturer need to give it. the govt. is taking countless initiatives to make our roads safer as all two-wheelers above a hundred twenty five cc should go along with ABS braking system and combined braking system for two-wheelers below a 125cc.


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