How Safe Is Your Cloud-Based HR Software? Tips to Secure Your Employee Data.

cloud based hr software

A Cloud based HR Software has so many functions to do in a multinational company, as it will have access to main data of the company and that must be kept confidential.

After the infamous epitome of Facebook_ Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal that exposed personal identification information of nearly 87 million Facebook users, the epidemic of data security, most importantly the personal data, has reached almost in every sector covering every industry, technology and vertical. Every day tons of critical data are being snatched by the hackers predominantly_ known to be called as Hacking, Stealing or Compromising the data.

Quick Highlights: This past year, the cyber world noticed nearly 1,579 Data Breaches which is 44% more compared to the stats in the year 2016.

Apparently, many organizations are trying hard to hit the headlines to offer a killer software that is packaged with all the statutory benefits. However, with thousand plus software available in the wild and, almost all claims to provide an end-to-end business solution, it has become difficult to figure out that best one to meet the constraints of the hour. In this case, it is better to avoid exploring the viability of choosing multiple software’s especially when your personal details are involved.

While it can be a joy ride in welcoming a new software to make your tasks easier and wiser remember to cross the finish line on time. Because once you hit the spotlight after a deadly attack, it would be a tough game to continue and kick-start your operations on a full stride.

Perhaps, this note of caution can help you to pick the right one which has almost all the sanctuary benefits covered in it. And, before I share a glimpse If you think that the normal firewall security and antivirus software can execute the job then, you must be absolutely wrong. It would be a piece of cake for the hackers! They can successfully pick the loopholes, bottlenecks and exploit every vulnerability that is accessible in the software, PC or Network _and compromise them. So, double-check your vendor software and look for the following benefits.

How Important is Server Security?


  • Check whether the application and every piece of it is hosted under a secured environment.
  • Verify the authentication and authorization policies.
  • A Limited-Access Policy is a must when company data is shared and communicated via external networks.
  • A good HR software provider leverages a cloud-based hosting service that employs state-of-the-art technology.
  • Confirm that the security within the software identifies any malicious content or data and removes and reports accordingly.

Data Encryption to Camouflage Your Personal Info.


  • Data encryption technique will safeguard your information by encrypting the sensitive information. This way, the company’s data remains safe and secured.
  • Ensure they are using a 256 bit SSL encryption. This method creates trust by fabricating a secured connection(encryption) between a server and client. It creates a secret code and, upon acknowledging the appropriate decrypt code, you will be able to view and access the data.
  • The key factor in this section would be probing effective ways for the safety of your data. Check if they generate session keys, match session keys to the users IP and also know the limited period validity of that session keys.

A Well Sophisticated Firewall Can Do More…


  • Try to check if the firewall is an advanced and a highly sophisticated variant. The firewall acts as a primary barrier between trusted internal network and external network (i.e. from your P.C to accessing any browser).
  • Make sure they have a strong control over the network access. Unless you make sure with this step, don’t move ahead.
  • Ask if they are implementing any Intrusion Detection System(IDS). The IDS method Detects, Blocks and Reports any anomalies or Malware attacks in the internal and external network.
  • Ensure they deliver Multi-Layered Backup for your data and try to gain complete authority on your content and information.
  • Probe the details of the backup location and know where your data is resided and retired.
  • Analyze if the software is meeting all the standard protocols and can speed up the tasks by reducing time and money of course.

Disaster Recovery & Backup to Be on Your List


  • By considering all of the above points, if you do not have a proper backup and disaster recovery plan, all the struggle is wished in vain.
  • Know the efforts of the software vendor. Natural Catastrophes are unpredictable and untimely, so identify the pros and cons on hand.
  • Eventually, they must have robust recovery measures. 100% network uptime guarantee and one-hour hardware replacement are some common measures.
  • Holding a backup server with another third party is one simple way to lighten your burden when you encounter a disaster.

Educating Employees on Security Protocols Is a Must

Quick Highlights: Did you know that nearly 90% of cyber-attacks happen because of humans. Yes, that’s us.


  • As humans, we barely ignore the fact to constantly think and act about safety and security measures of the data.
  • Phishing attacks have become persistent and more prominent over these years it is one of the easiest ways for the hackers to get into the network.
  • Information breaches, Identity theft and Data Security are very sensitive to handle so choose a software supplier who can nail it.

Quick Highlights: “This past year, 76% of the information security professionals discovered that their organization experienced phishing attacks,” Wombat Security said.

  • Frequent penetration tests must be conducted to combat the malware activities.
  • Penetration tests put more pressure and search for any bottlenecks that can be exploited by the hackers to steal your data.
  • Investigate who monitors and direct these tests.

Do You Nurture Your Employees? 


  • Apply your due-diligence and conduct mock tests frequently to know the awareness of your employees.
  • Let your employees know that their personal data is taken care confidentially.
  • Finally, make sure to have a password change policy. Ask your employees to change the password every 60 days and select strong passwords to prevent any malicious activities.

Hacking manifestation has been hounding in every nook and corner. It is hard to get rid of it completely but, you can prevent it by following these points when you are embracing a new software into your workforce helm. These perquisites can harvest huge success when implemented in a right way as per your organization’s calls.

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