Home remedies for thicker eyebrows

thicker eyebrows

The thick eyebrows are always demanded, especially in women who is considered as the beautiful symbols. Absolutely, your face becomes more clearly, brightly and pretty with the thick, well-shape and full arched eyebrows.

The looking, particularly the first looking can support you so much in successful communication which is demand in some special career. Although eyebrows are sparse and scanty is not a really disease or critical sign of serious problem, it may be a bad factor affected on your confidence. Therefore, people in this situation should find

The looking, particularly the first looking can support you so much in successful communication which is demand in some special career. Although eyebrows are sparse and scanty is not a real disease or critical sign of a serious problem, it may be a bad factor affected on your confidence. Therefore, people in this situation should find the way to help it better.

The eyebrows, also another type of hair of the human body, is originated in hair bulb through two stages. The first is called growth stage. In this phase, the blood vessel supplies the nourishment needed to produce hair. The hair grows longer as cells are added to the foundation of hair within hair bulb. In general, the eyebrows growth approximately 0.16 mm per day. In addition, this growth rate also depends on the nutrition, physical and psychiatric status. The second phase is the resting stage. The growth stops and the hair is held in the hair follicle. The duration of each stage also depends on individual hair.

Base on this information, we could find down the reason of thin eyebrow. The problem may happen in the growth stage such as the poor nutrition meal, the destruction in some necessary structure when you use too much cosmetic which has potential eradication. It may depend on the individual hormone secretion. In addition, the cause also appears in the resting stage as the hair follicle cannot maintain its function (because of the over waxing). The problem may not influence significantly in your life now but it may cause the future hassles. Therefore, people have the sparse eyebrows should find a way in order to improve this condition. However, the growth rate of the eyebrow is so slow, you need the persistence to realize the difference.

There are so many products which help you improve thicker eyebrows is sold but not at all is really safe and does not always have the right effect. In this case, home remedies for thicker eyebrows are the best choice for you.

  1. Coconut

If you are seeking a product which is special to treat any problem related to hair, coconut oil is the first ideal. The coconut oil contains multiple kinds of essential amino acid which promotes significantly in the eyebrow growth process as well as iron ion and vitamin E that supplies nourishment for collagen and fiber formation. It is said that the coconut oil is the famous home remedy for the thicker eyebrow.

How to use:

–         Pour drop by drop the coconut oil into your finger

–         Massage this oil gently followed the growing side of eyebrows

–         Leave it for 30 minutes or overnight in order to the oil could be penetrated completely

–         Clean the eyebrow areas with tepid water or the rose water to soften skin.

–         The method should be used once every day. After a month, you can notice that your eyebrow growing longer and darker.

  1.   Olive oil

Not only being an ingredient in cooking, the olive oil is also a perfect remedy in order to improve the ability of eyebrow growing. It is because the oil contains a large amount of vitamin E which helps the hair grow faster by increasing collagen formation. In addition, there are so many kinds of mineral substance, is good for the growing hair process, found in the olive oil component.

How to use:

–         Drip some drops of the oil in your finger

–         Massage circularly on the eyebrow areas according to the growing side of eyebrow

–         Wait for 30 minutes or until you feel the olive oil absorbed totally then clean it

–         Repeat it once daily you could notice the changing

  1.   Egg yolk

It is known that the egg yolk is the unique source of nutrition for child chicken. Therefore, it obviously contains various nourishment, especially keratin protein (the main component of hair structure and the keratinization) and many oil soluble vitamins such as vitamin E, A, D, K which improve the hair growth rate. By this method, your eyebrow will become thicker and darker significantly.

How to use:

–          Breaking an egg and separating the egg yolk from the white part

–         Beating up the egg yolk consistently, adding a little honey if you want to enhance the osmosis ability of this colloid

–         Applying it directly into the eyebrow

–         Leaving it in 20 minutes then rinsing it off with tepid water

–         Using this method once in period of two days

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  1.   Aloe Vera

One of the famous effects of Aloe Vera is the ability to increase the eyebrow distribution and remaining the thick eyebrow longer. It is because Aloe Vera contains multiple enzymes which enhance the quantity of hair by making the duration of hair growing shorter, faster. Not only that, the Aloe Vera is also a moisturizing agent. Therefore, the hair follicles are nourished better and the skin around eyebrow becomes softer and briefer.

How to use:

–         Barking 2 to 3 Aloe Vera leaf

–         Extracting the pour gel from it. You may mix it with a little honey and coconut oil in order to increase the nutrition properties.

–         Applying directly this gel on your eyebrow then massaging gently in one way from middle line to lateral in both sides.

–         Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes

–         Finally, cleaning these areas by the tepid water. Do it once per day. 

  1.   Whole milk

There are many nutrients contained in the whole milk such as proteins, vitamin belonging both the water and oil soluble vitamin as well as minerals necessary for hair structure. For this reason, whole milk helps the root of eyebrow become stronger and improve the rate of hair growth.

How to use:

–         Take half a bowl of whole milk

–         Use a cotton swab dipped in this bowl in order to rub on your eyebrows

–         Repeat these action 2 to 3 times until you feel the solution penetrated totally

–         Clean it with lukewarm water by cotton ball

  1.   Eating healthy

The most important aspect you need to consider is the balanced meal. The diet should supply enough all kind of protein and especially vitamin. Here is some tip when you choose the product for cooking.

–         Vitamin A is contained in carrot, potatoes, and red pepper

–         Foods high in vitamin C: broccoli, lemon, and orange

–          Peanut, spinach, and olive contain high vitamin E

–         The meal rich in healthy protein should have: cheese, meat, tofu and nuts

–         Foods rich omega-3 oil such as salmon, sardine and other sea fish.

–         And some foods contain high minerals (iron, zinc) in milk, vegetable, and fruit.


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