Health Tip: Follow these 3 basic Tips for Healthy living

Health tips for corporates

Why health is so important these days?

Health Tip

It is advised to have a proper check on your health as we are busy in our works and often we neglect the basic exercises everyone should have and so we are providing you the best health tips even when you busy if you follow this. it would be fruitful !!

#Tip: Milk and curd to start with:

Daily take Milk , curd or Butter milk so as to  be healthy because milk and curd has many vitamins and minerals which helps for your fitness. Milk and curd develops immunity that is resistance power.

By having 2 cups of curd daily you can get rid from osteoporosis.

If you take daily 3 cups of Butter Milk it can control the cholesterol of your body. for all stomach infections like acidity gastritis and reflex oesophagitis  take curd and butter milk. If you eat curd daily it can even control your blood pressure as well. Curd can prevent colon cancer.

Curd Can control dysentery also and also can be used as a bleaching agent for colour and smoothness on hangs and legs.

#Tip: Vegetables and Fruits

Daily take vegetables like carrot, beet root, kheera, tomato, onion and fruits like banana, apple, pine apple, Guava and citrus fruits for vitamins A, C, K and E.

Having a Sweet potato everyday can keep you fit. and one more thing you need think of juice fasting ( having only juice in a day without having any food) once in a week can burn the extra wastage of the stomach.

If you take small crunch of ginger in a day, it actually works as a pain killer and subsides inflammation where ever it is in your body. ginger acts as very good medicine heart burn and can also control the cholesterol in your body.

#Daily Tips

  • Daily Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water
  • 8 hours sleep in a day  gives glow to your skin
  • Yoga, Paranayama , Meditation must be your daily activity
  • Find out which food, fruit, work, fun, play and music you like most and use them in your dis mood to have relaxation and it perfectly works.
  • Check whether the food which you take is doing any harm to you
  • Have Awareness on your body weight whether it is increasing or decreasing once in a week atleast.

These are the primary things if you take care, you can lead a healthy life even in this corporate life.

Happy Living !!!!




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