Hanmakonda: Andhra Bank Assistant General Manager Comitted Suicide


Mr. Krishnamurthy nagarajan (58), Asst. General Manager of Andhra Bank committed suicide by allegedly jumping in front of the rail between Warangal and kazipet railway stations in the early hours of Monday.

Nagarajan has come out in the early hours for a morning walk and did not return home for long time and so his colleagues searched for him in the near by location and found hid body on the railway track. Police said.

Besides this he wrote a suicide note mentioning that he is disturbed over the case that he had sanctioned huge loans while he was working as Asst manager in Kolkata, the case is still going on.

Nagarajan is basically from Madurai city of Tamil Nadu state and had been working in Telangana Andhra Bank circle at the hanmakonda zonal office. Besides this his colleagues expressed deep shock over this issue and they mentioned that he is very sincere and hard working person.


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