Google Web Light: Why is it and How it Works ?

why google weblight

Smartphone is one among the foremost well-liked technology device that is improving, advanced and widely accepted, on the premise of information collected 83.6% of web|the web|the net} is accessed from the mobile device (Source – mobile net user penetration worldwide ) by most of the individuals worldwide and in developed countries net speed is good as they’re using to 4G/LTE however most of the developing countries still using 2G internet connections with slow speed.

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for such countries users, Google introduces Google web light which boosts the net speed up to 4- five times quicker and knowledge is reduced to 70- 90th this results into additional optimized pages, these pages loads quicker provides higher user experience and fifty all over again page views additionally.
Initially, it was launched in Indonesia and then it’s been launched in India and Brazil, these countries has quickest growing Smartphone market with giant user base.

How GoogleWebLight Works

Google web light is efficient lite version for slow net connection. The lite version automatically allows in Google Chrome mobile browser (only in India, Indonesia and Brazil) once it detects that the affiliation is slow, really GoogleWebLight compress page CSS, Javascript and Jquery and show the lightest doable version of websites.

How it useful for bloggers and Publishers?

Google analytics are going to be not loaded in transcoded pages therefore page will load quicker. you can’t accurately trace your guests in Google analytics.
The lite version improves the page views up to five hundredth

Website that’s using cookies can’t transcoded whereas in future it’s going to support.
Transcoding is made for android smartphone however you’ll be able to additionally use it in Computers.
This Transcoding doesn’t block Google ads.
If you have got something to mention regarding this feature; as feedback you’ll be able to mail at

This feature is absolutely useful for innumerable users particularly for the individuals residing in rural areas wherever solely 2G spectrum is obtainable. you’ll be able to share your expertise and opinion regarding this feature in comment box.


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