Google Hire Applicant Tracking System is about to shut down.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system providers took a small sigh of relief in September when Google announced that it was officially shutting down Google Hire, a cloud-based applicant tracking system launched by search-engine giant two years ago.

Google Hire has promised to simplify the hiring process for recruiters. Using Google’s powerful search capabilities, Open API environment and G Suite tools, including Gmail and Google Calendar, recruiters can more easily find and communicate with candidates and schedule interviews. At least that’s the pitch.

Of course it doesn’t give much to stand out in an already crowded market. “The global ATS market is small compared to what Google used to be,” says, the CEO of a recruiting software company. It is projected to be 34 2.34 billion by 2026, which may be exciting for a booming tech startup, but not worth the company’s vision of making billions of dollars in revenue each year.

Google has never explained how the Global Platform provides unique data privacy regulations for each country. It had been found that Google is already facing antitrust investigations in the European Commission for its Google for Jobs app, which will spark interest in the recruiting space.

The real truth is that Google Hire does not find it as a customer base. Most ATS platforms integrate with the G-suite, so there isn’t much to differentiate the offering.

It was believed that this is not even suited to Google’s business model. Google never does anything in business applications. They can make a lot more money by attracting HCM SaaS vendors to their platform than competing with them.

Google Hire was originally developed at Bebop, a startup tech company led by Diane Green, which was acquired by Google in 2015 for $ 380 million. As part of that acquisition, Green was brought in to lead Google’s cloud business.

Green is hailed as a veteran of the enterprise software market, and Google leaders believe she will help them compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

During her four-year tenure (she left earlier this year), Google Cloud has increased its revenues to $ 1 billion quarterly. Although it ranks third in the public cloud market, it is fast closing on Amazon and Microsoft.

What is Google Hire? Many people believe that the Google way to get green onboard is to buy Bebop. “But they still have to show shareholders that they have not wasted the acquisition,” Mueller said. So they put it on the books for a few years, using it to show how their technology can help recruiters. “But it really has nothing to do with it.”

For customers of Google Hire, the good news is that it will not be officially closed until September 2020, giving them almost a full year to find an alternative Applicant Tracking Systems. Google has generously agreed to continue to do so at no additional cost.

The lesson to be learned from the rapid rise and fall of Google Hire is that nothing is permanent, Mueller said. “Especially when it comes in the cloud.”


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