Lockdown: 12-year-old girl walking from Telangana dies

12 year old girl dies

A 12-year-old girl died on her way from a village in Telangana to her home in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh on Saturday, officials said Monday.

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An official said that Jamlo Makdam and a group of people started walking on a chilli farm in Kannaiguda village of Telangana, and she started walking on April 15 and near Bhandarpal village in Bijapur on the morning of April 18 she died, an official said.

Her samples tested negative for coronavirus and she may have died due to electrolyte imbalance, the health official said.

“The distance between Telangana and Bijapur where she worked was 150 km and she died 50 km from her home village here. She dined on Saturday morning but later complained of stomach pain and discomfort and died at 10 am,” said Bijapur Chief Medical and Health Officer BR Pujari.

“Her samples were sent for a coronavirus test on Saturday and the report was returned negative on Sunday evening.

He said that the girl did not eat well and that it was a cause of muscle fatigue.

The state government announced a compensation of Rs.1 lakh


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