GHMC Mosquito App Hits the Milestone in Serving Hyderabad People


Setting a record of types, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation registered nearly 90,000 downloads of its mosquito app on Wednesday. GHMC officers expect one lakh downloads by midnight.

The municipal corporation had launched the mosquito App-Hyderabad as a method to make awareness among the public on the mosquito menace, besides serving to them earn lucky prizes. Interested persons will download the app from Google Play store.

The app was launched on August seventeen last year and until date, 4.40 lakh downloads were registered. With over one hundred thousand downloads on Wednesday, the entire downloads currently stand at 5.40 lakh, officers aforementioned. GHMC Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy aforementioned a target of reaching out to 20 hundred thousand households and one crore population within the town is about for March next year.

“The plan is to make awareness among the voters over mosquito menace and therefore the measures to be followed to manage the menace. No other town or municipal corporations have come up with such an app,” aforesaid Reddy.

The app has seventeen totally different queries bearing on mosquitoes and users got to reply to the queries in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ format. when responsive all the queries properly, users got to upload the same via the app. A lucky draw is conducted and ten lucky users can win a money prize of Rs.10,000 each.

In addition to the mosquito App, the municipal corporation is conducting many awareness programmes in schools, colleges, residential colonies to make awareness among the citizens of Hyderabad on the necessity to manage mosquito menace.


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