How to Get Higher Mobile App Store Ratings

mobile app optimization strategy
Its is reported that in IOS App Store there are around 14 million apps and still 83% of the apps are not used.

These 83% of the apps are remained unused and unknown to most common smart phone users, that app that gets installed more is the one which has got higher app rating in the Play store ( so called android app store).

Play store generally suggest the playstore users about the new apps and also lists the top apps in a separate categories and hence people browse through it and installs the app if they find it useful.

But why these new apps are not getting any popularity?

These apps will come into the picture only when someone type the exact keyword in playstore or if it seen in their friends mobile or if someone suggests that app but definitely not by the regular search or suggestion.

A study says that an app with higher ratings will get installed 80% more than the new and lower rated app. It clearly says that an app need good rating to gain good followers base and increase number of installs.

The basic things we miss while developing mobile apps

  1. App with registration on the first screen

Mobile apps with registration on first screen will loose its users right away as no one wants to register in the app before they got to know something in the app. Let your users explore what exactly is about your app and what could be the benefit for them after using that app.

  1. Complicated registrations screens

A user may feel irritated if the registration is too complicated say like if it has got too many fields in it to fill and make sure it has got very minimal things to ask about the user.

  1. Loading time makes difference

If an app takes more 30 seconds to load even after having a high bandwidth internet connection, that means it clearly says you lost your user right away and the customer will surely look for your competitor as play store suggests it.

First impression is the best impression so never loose your first impression.

  1. A mobile app design should be like a mobile app design

Keep the design so simple and avoid ads on the first screen and strictly no complicated words and unnecessary explanations about the app.

  1. Analytics

Use analytics to know what is happening in your who came in and who is doing what and check out all the metrics given by analytics dashborad.

 6. Last but not least Update your app :

Keep updating your app based on the feedback you receive from the user and so play store will also will suggest your existing user to update it.

7.Never keep your app dumb in a user phone:

There are some software like cleanmaster which will suggest the user to remove that from phone if it is not frequently used and if possible put a small career tip or health tip or something related to your app to your user and so it will be live in your user mobile.


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