No racism, Foreigners are safe in Hyderabad: DGP Anurag Sharma

Nigerian student Bamilola Kazim was hit with an iron rod by a Hyderabad

The attack on 23 year old nigerian student was happened over a dispute in parking the car but not due to any racism as claimed by the victim.

Telangana state DGP clearly mentioned that it was a dispute between Mr. Khazeem  Dami ( Nigerian student ) and his neighbour Md Gafoor. It happened due to parking of the car infront of the neighbour gate.

In recent this kind of disputes have happened so many times among so many natives but when it comes to nigerian citizen thing has been shifted to racism, but it was purely a dispute between two and meanwhile MD gafoor was arrested on the same day by police.

Khazeem claimed that he was attacked by 15 indians and so police will take necessary steps in finding the evidances to follow up on the case.

Khazeem has parked his Honda accord infront the Mahammed Gafoor house and so it resutled in a small clash between the two. The student suffered head injuries which will require 7 stiches to recover.

“We have many foreign students studying or working here. We are taking care of their safety. We do not have different laws for different people. All will be governed and dealt with under the same law of the land”- DGP Said.

Police must ensure the safety of the foreigners in the hyderabad city and meanwhile also ensure that there are no fake cases on indians by the foreigners.


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