Flipkart ceases operations across supply chain in view of country lockdown

flipkart cease

Etailer Flipkart said on Wednesday that India had suspended its operations and services – including groceries – as India entered the 21-day lockdown.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi allowed eCommerce platforms to deliver the goods and services public needed in his speech, Flipkart has decided to suspend all orders for its three supply chains for grocery, non-grocery and large goods from March 25.

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“These are difficult times, and times like never before. Communities are as separate as they can be! Never before, staying at home means helping countries!” The company posted it on its website.

In an internal email sent to employees, Adarsh ​​Menon, senior vice president at Flipkart, writes that senior executives “consult with the government and stakeholders to figure out how to get back the supply chains, but at the moment the platform does not accept any orders.”

The eCommerce giant Amazon.in said in a blog post on Tuesday that it prioritized the fulfillment and logistics capabilities that consumers now have to offer key products, such as home appliances, packaged food, health care, hygiene, personal safety, and other high priority products.

“This means we have suspended orders to low-priority products for the goods to be shipped. Low-priority products, pending all customer orders, we have asked customers to cancel their orders or receive prepaid goods refund,” Amazon said.

The company said it will continue to work with relevant government authorities to ensure on-ground support so that it can offer a more expanded option to meet customer needs.


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