Father Denied to buy Jaguar, Son pushes new BMW into Canal.

BME Floods in canal

A young man who thought his car was small, dumped his BMW car and his parents refused to buy a Jaguar.

On Saturday, in a shocking incident, a young man in Haryana threw his BigW car into the canal and his parents rejected the Jaguar car. As soon as the young man dumped his car, the locals informed the police. The teenager, identified as Mukarampur resident Akash, demanded a Jaguar car from his parents. But when they refused to buy him a Jaguar, he tossed his BMW into the canal because he thought his BMW was too small.
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Desharaj said that the parents of the youth have said that their son is mentally ill. Currently, the youth is with his family, and police are investigating the case.

The locals saw the car in the canal and as there was no one inside, they immediately informed the police that the car was going under. SDRF and a team of police launched a rescue operation to remove the car from the canal.


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