Fat Tax : Now Kerala Govt is Imposing Tax on Junk Food

Fat Tax

It was for the first time in India that the Kerala government imposed ” Fat Tax” of 14.5% on Junk Foods like Burgers, Pizzas and so on.

This is actually to promote the importance of fitness and meanwhile to fight obesity. This is not the first time actually, earlier Denmark and Hungary have imposed same kind of taxes earlier.

Restaurants need to pay these taxes if they are serving Junk Food at Restaurant.


The Newly Formed Left Democratic Government has now came up with the ” Fat Tax” It is quite odd to hear but the purpose of it serves a lot in supporting the health of their citizens. It also raises Rs 10 Crore Annually to the Govt of Kerala.

This New Tariffs will shortly be applied on Big Giants like Mc Donalds, KFC and So on but still small outlets also would likely to face this Additional tax.

Meanwhile the Govt has also made a move towards taking the unpacked items like Chapatis and so govt also imposed tax on packed items i.e from packed rice bags, Oil Packets with 5% additionally. This is to avoid the usage of plastic items.


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