Facebook Announced today that Facebook Don’t Allow content that promote Violence

facebook violence

Facebook has updated its community standards and guidelines to provide “more clarity” on the content it allows or bans on its service.

Facebook announced today that, it won’t allow or encourage the content which promotes the violence or any kind of hate speech related content in its platform as there has been lot of terror activities going on in the internet and surprisingly facebook has become a great medium to communicate for the terrorists, this is very unfortunate and shocking as well.

Various countries intelligence agencies has come to a conclusion that terror groups are using these kind of social media channels to pass on their sensitive content, in the recent IS Suspect arrests, so many shocking things have come into the picture as the IS Suspects used Whatsapp ( Mobile App ) as a platform to communicate and so may be there could be lots of violence content also might have transferred through the same.

Facebook also claimed that they keep working on providing the highest safety and take highest security measures so as to maintain the security standards of the Facebook but small loop-holes are vulnerable for those who take advantage of it. An Israili Minister accused facebook organization for not taking proper precautions to prevent incitement against Israel.


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