Engineering student was arrested by cyber crime police in hyderabad.

Mr . Jayender, Final year engineering student

Hyderabad-based engineering final year student was arrested on Friday by cyber crime police for phishing the email and stealing the sensitive information like bank account passwords and blackmailing people with this sensitive information.

Mr . Jayender, Final year engineering student from the outskirts of Hyderabad is working in an internet centre and his work is to maintain the systems in the internet. He installed phishing software into the systems and he started monitoring the sensitive information and later he used to blackmail the visitors with that sensitive information and collect money from them.

He used to collect personal pictures and also personal conversations from the visitors and used to blackmail them with the same and most of them didn’t complain about him as he used to create a fake email id and communicate to them using it.

This was happening since long time but no one came forward to raise a complaint on him and this time a girl taken a step and raised a complaint on him and so the cyber crime police caught him


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