Driving Car More than 2 Hours in a Day Can lead to Heart Problems – Catholic University ( Australia)

Driving, Car
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If you spend more than 2 hours in driving per day it means it directly gives impact on your belly size and body weight and a study says that people who drive more than a couple of hours in a day tend to have heart related problems in future.

Researchers from Institute of health and again from Catholic University ( Australia) had said that people who drive more than an hour in a day are having 2.3 kilo grams more weight compared to the people who drive less than an hour in a day. Researchers had examined 2000 plus adults from age 35 to 60 years and found that people should not drive more than an hour to stay out of heart related problems.

What happens while driving ?

When a person is driving he/she ideally sits in the driver seat and keep his/her mind on driving but if we look at the physical stress, there wont be any stress on the body. Sitting on a chair or seat for long time is never advisable as it can lead to obesity.

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Public transport is best and if possible cycling is the best best alternative to driving a car if it is nearby distance.

There is another research says that, people who travel in public transport will have

  • 44 percent less likely to be overweight
  •  27 percent less likely to have high blood pressure
  •  34 percent less likely to have diabetes

People should actually consider taking a cycle if it takes less than 20 mins to travel as part of regular workout.

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