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2016 digital marketing trends

Believe it or not, in 2016 companies with an active blog will gain 67% more leads compared to others.

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Content Marketing :

Content marketing B2b

2016 is a new era in digital marketing I wonder when asked some digital marketing experts, they are more concerned about producing more and more valuable and appropriate content this year into their web platform. ( that could be website or mobile app ).

A fresh quality content differs the brands in so many ways like an appropriate and creative content will surely grab the attention of the customer.

Content could be on their website, banner, ads and so on, but the appropriate content matters a lot here.

“76% of digital marketers said they will produce more content in 2016, and 51% said they are going to increase their content marketing spend.”  –

Most b2b companies are maintaining content as their main marketing strategy. Linkedin has got huge professional network and 94% of b2b marketers are using it as their marketing strategy. Followed by twitter , youtube and google plus.

Email Marketing :

Email communication is the best communication if you would like to get in touch with someone personally or professionally but at the same time never hit huge crowd with mass emailing software.

Gmail has come up with a partition of promotional emails inbox and Social, so every promotional email will directly goes into the promotion column and I think it is hard for someone to view promotional emails.

gmail partitions

80% of the Indians use Gmail as their primary email id and the promotional strategy with these email will no more work out.

Subscription emails: if you have good database of subscribers then it is advisable to update your customer with an email but promotions emails will be no more useful.

I don’t say emails will never work in business but promotional emails may not.

Note : Don’t forget your social sharing buttons in emails. Emails that include them, have a 158% higher CTR (click through rate) than emails that don’t include share links.

Search Engine Marketing :

When it takes so long time to reach on the top page for your master keyword, it is advisable to opt for SEM. We have SEM tools like Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts and so on.

SEM majorly depends on bidding strategy, a Good strategy can bring huge and relevant customer on to your platform with a limited budget. A well planned Bidding strategy is so much important while handling higher budgets.

There are 2 networks in SEM

  1. Search Network: Where we bid on keywords in the search network so as to reach the people who search your keyword in search engines.
  2. Display network: Display network is a network where we place text ads and banner ads in a location where we feel apt for you to promote your brand.

sem statistics

Its good to invest if we need quick appearance on the first page as most of the users don’t navigate to page 2.

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Social Media Marketing :

Social media marketing is something which is to make a huge buzz among internet freaks, professionals  and what not. Every segment is in social media and there is a great scope to create a big hype through social media. Social media has become a big game changer since 5 years.

Facebook for content promotion, Pinterest for image and infographics promotion, LinkedIn for professional communication and twitter for promoting the headline or theme.

A huge 80% of marketers identify “engagement” (likes, shares) as the most important metric for assessing social media marketing success. Audience size comes in second at 61%, followed by website traffic at 56%.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing will play a vital role in online marketing by 2019, study says that people will surely start using mobile as their main communication and professional device to work. Marketers need to concentrate on mobile marketing strategies.

Currently marketers are allocating low mobile marketing budgets compared to other online activities but surely by 2019 there will be a blog change. Pinterest will be the most apt social app that gets most of the traffic from a smart phone or tablets.


Hope this article helps in knowing the digital marketing trends in 2016



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