CP Anjani Kumar asks patrol teams to limit response time to 5 mins


Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said on Saturday that the patrolling vehicle is a vital part of preventing and detecting crime in the city.

While checking the condition of the vehicles, the Commissioner interacted with 102 patrolling vehicle personnel from the Central Zone in the Nizam Grounds. He also assessed the performance of staff in performing their duties.

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Seeing the example of the Ramgopalpet police station, the officials said that the kidnapping case was solved by getting to the crime scene five minutes after receiving information through dial 100.

Following a call from the victim’s family, Abids police blocked the suicide attempt by reaching the scene in a timely manner.

Commissioner Anjani Kumar stressed the importance of community policing and the use of advanced technology in daily patrolling.

“Due to law and order maintenance, Hyderabad is one of the best cities to live in, according to a survey conducted by Mercer for the last four years.”

A whole batch of patrol vehicles have GPS installed in them. The Command Control Center regularly monitors the movement of patrol vehicles. The average response time of Blue Colt vehicles is eight minutes and all patrolling cars in the Central Zone have an average distance of 1,203 kilometers per day.


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