COVID-19: IT firms to opt Work from home option way forward to keep going


The state government, which had previously wanted IT companies to notify them before discontinuing operations or instructing staff to work from home in view of the COVID-19 fear, has now left it to the judgment of the companies.

There are no directives from the government that they should shut down and ask employees to work from home or vice versa. “All IT companies are given the freedom to make their own assessment of the situation and respond in a sensible manner,” IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan told media.

Since there are many companies in Hyderabad, headquartered in the US and Europe, they receive orders from their global offices. “We are not preventing them from executing [such orders]; This is left to individual companies, ”he said, adding that government-issued bulletins were issued twice a day with health department agencies.

While the exact numbers of those working from home are not available, a senior official estimated that 15-20% of them took the option. The city’s IT and ITES employ 5 lakh people. While some reputable companies offer work from home choice, those that do not insist on sick employees to report to the office.

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Under no circumstances is the importance of business continuity. He said that it is important not to harm people. He also points out that clients who work for IT firms are also unrealistic, adding that “people have that maturity and awareness.”

Regarding how that part of the ecosystem is managed, some companies may offer compensation, such as Swedish home appliances major IKEA, which has its first India store in Hyderabad. For others who dependents, there is clearly an impact.

While IKEA has yet to decide whether to close the showroom temporarily, the Home Installation Service is currently discontinued. In doing so, it has decided to continue to pay for the workforce, whose earnings are tied to the number of installations they perform, which they typically do every month.

Regarding work from a home perspective, Srikant Srinivasan, senior director of NASSCOM, said that each company is using its own matrix to provide choice.

In terms of work, there is no impact, citing the 50:50 rule adopted by some US firms, in other words, about half of staff work from home and the rest report to work. Some companies are turning it down every week so everyone can work from home and office.

Technically, the Union Ministry of Communications on March 13 will grant relaxation until April 30 under the terms and conditions of other service providers for those who wish to work from home.

The Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association estimates that 30-40% of multinational IT employees work from home. For other large India service providers, this may be low and small companies do not have reliable data. For those who report to work, companies use a variety of measures, such as temperature screening, high levels of sanitization, adoption of SoPs, and close monitoring of the situation.


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