Corona Virus Quarantine Centers Needs Improvements

Corona Virus

The Government of India and also the concerned state governments had arranged Corona Virus Quarantine Centers across India in-order to safeguard and protect Indians from corona virus, but we had been identifying the situations like people who landed from other countries like USA, Italy, and Uk are trying to escape from the quarantine centers.

These incidents are really not good for the welfare of the society and also for the citizens of the country, hence the government must re-look into the facilities and also the hygiene provided at the quarantine centers.

People who stay at the centers may not be affected persons and apart from that, they are the people who came from other countries who had undergone the highest Hygenic conditions in the country they lived. so, our health centers or the quarantine centers for corona virus may not be like a 5-star hotel but should maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Here is a request from the Indian Student who came from Spain about the Quarantine center experience and shared his views and also urged the government to Make it a priority to improve the hygiene condition of quarantine centers.

“I am an Indian student studying in the US, who went to participate in an exchange program in Spain. It was a 3-month exchange program that had to abruptly end in 2 months.

Spain was in a lockdown due to the rising cases of coronavirus. The country was running out of food and we foreign nationals were asked to go back to our respective countries.

My parents back home in India insisted that I get back to New Delhi as soon as possible.

Luckily, I got the last flight back home and landed in our national capital on 16 March.

After landing, we were made to wait for several hours to take the temperature test. We waited at the airport, without any food or water. They didn’t even give us any hand sanitizers to clean our hands with.

Sign my petition to urge the government to immediately improve the hygiene conditions of the quarantine centers across the country.

Even though my body temperature was normal, the health inspectors insisted that I, along with a few of my friends, be quarantined at a government center for at least 24 hours, so that any test could be done. They were going to monitor us. We didn’t mind.

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We were taken to the centers in dusty buses and had to fight for water. We were finally given 5 glasses of water that had to be divided among 20 people.

The minute we reached the quarantine centers, we were made to feel like prisoners no less. The rooms were dilapidated, 2 people were sharing the same room, the washrooms had no water. There was no water to even drink!

After begging for hours, we were each given a bottle of water. Our temperature test was conducted again, and then we were given food…after almost 9 hours since we first arrived at the center!

The washbasins had paan stains on them, the washrooms seemed like they had not been washed in days. I was scared of contracting other infections just by touching things around me.

In the evening, two more buses came filled with people above the age of 40. Some were my grandparents’ age, and they were moved in with us as well. Even they started fighting about the living condition. Few of them were coughing, but we don’t know who was sick or not. We were all exposed.

There was no electricity till 4 pm, and they fixed it after we screamed at those running the center.

Despite all this, I do appreciate the efforts made by our government to screen each and every person entering our country. However, a lot needs to be done to ensure hygiene standards are not being compromised at all. I urge the Health Ministry to at least provide clean hygienic facilities. Unhealthy living conditions inside quarantine centers like the one I was in, are putting us at further risk of contracting other infections.

The most difficult part of the night was not being able to use the washroom. I felt tortured, like a prisoner. When I demanded that we should at least be given water to drink, they asked us to drink directly from toilet taps which had no water in them

Sign my petition to urge the government to immediately improve the hygiene conditions of the quarantine centers across the country.

I don’t want others to go through what I have gone through. #ImproveCoronaQuarantineCentres”

If you agree to what he says, please sign the petition and support for the good cause.


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