Possibilities – Cloud Computing with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence: The Possibilities Cloud computing has  exponentially made our lives more comfortable and idealistic to work in.

Added to that, the recent artificial intelligence progress has created a sense of curiosity and wonder inside every innovator’s mind.

In the same way, it is acceptable to say that each of these areas proved significant in today’s age.

If you’re someone possessed by an overwhelming sense of curiosity, it’s highly probable you’ve already been dreaming about the possibilities we might explore by combining the two fields. 

The following article explores the applications we could find by marrying artificial intelligence with cloud computing. 

Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence: When it comes to dreaming about the possibilities of cases where artificial intelligence and cloud computing operate together, our imagination is only constrained. The following are the few implementations for the same, some are already under development and others still exist as pure concepts:-

Self-driving cars

We’ve already seen working prototypes for self-driving vehicles, and they serve as the perfect example to illustrate the combined capabilities of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. In the end, self-driving cars are tantamount to minor road accidents and a cost-effective commute that is open to everyone.

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In addition, self-driving cars may also potentially encourage a greener world since the integrated software is optimized for the efficient use of fuel.

Digital Assistants

Considering Google’s recent showing, it’s fair to assume that digital assistants quickly close the distance between their abilities and human thinking abilities. Virtual assistants are actually able to perform complicated tasks such as remotely monitoring your home appliances and setting appointment reminders for you.

The future may be a lot more exciting though. With the use of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, digital assistants may emulate human actions and conduct everyday house chores on your behalf without knowing. Added to that, their success with artificial intelligence algorithms will improve with each execution.


The field of robotics currently needs manual changes if you wish to program a new behavior inside your built robot. Nevertheless, robotics may be experiencing a major change through artificial intelligence algorithms and the complex design of cloud computing.

Future robots will link seamlessly to a dedicated cloud server which will store all the data from which the machines will gain insight into the most suitable task to execute. Future prototypes may upgrade their device continuously automatically and execute a physical task with greater precision when learning as they do. This will allow us to build reliable companions that are as successful as humans.

In the current age, Data Generation Data is considered to be extremely significant. However, it has to go through a cycle called cleaning before the data could be used to gain insights. This includes removing any inconsistencies and turning the sets of data into a standardized form. Software scientists spend their time cleaning up software that affects the performance of the entire operation.

Through artificial intelligence and cloud computing, we have been able to develop efficient algorithms that can help data scientists in the cleaning process and enable them to use the insights produced more effectively.

To conclude

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing are a match made in the heaven of technology. There are some other ground-breaking solutions that we will be experiencing in the near future, given the rapid speed of growth for each of the fields.


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