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Find CD of ‘Chillara Devullu’ and get Rs 5,000 Reward

Educationalist from Nizamabad Mrs. Amrutha Latha and Friends who are great fans of the legendary actress Mrs. Savithri Ganesan are in search of a CD/DVD of the movie ” Chillara Devullu” and also they declared a reward of Rs. 5000 for the person who handover that CD.

Chillara Devullu was a Telugu blockbuster movie released in the year 1970, Story of the movie was written by famous poet and writer Dasarathi Rangacharya Garu, who had a major contribution in the fight against the Nizam while Hyderabad was in the princely state of Nizam.

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Amrutha Latha who is a great fan of Savithri garu and also who owns a chain of educational institutions in the Nizamabad district had started the search for the movie “chillara Devullu” for which she even offered a reward of Rs. 5000 for those who handover this classical film CD to her.

The reason for their search is that first, they are the great fans of actress savithri garu and also ket feature about this film is that savithri garu played a lead role in this and apart from that she delivered the dialogues in Telangana slang which were amazing and very rare during that time. Amrutha Latha, who was very curious about collecting the CDs/DVDs of Telugu classic movies, She had previously announced Rs 5,000 reward to get the CD of Savitri’s another blockbuster  “Chivaraku Migiledi”. This was traced by cultural activist Ramaswami, the native of Nizamabad district.

According to Telugu writer N Ramadevi, the native of Warangal district, who is also a fan of Savitri, Chillara Devullu novel penned by top Telugu poet Sri Dasaradhi Rangacharya had made it into a film with Savitri and M Prabhakar Reddy, who played the lead roles. The story of the film is based on the life of a Dora (feudal lord) and Dorasani (lady), who at first ill-treat the working class and later respect the views of laborers. “The film was released in the late 70s. In the three-hour-long movie, Savitri inspired not only her fans but even commoners by delivering dialogues in Telangana accent,” Rama Devi, who saw the movie in a theatre during her school days” expressed it.

So old movie lovers and also some geeks who are interested in having a library of old classic collections, its time to meet some like-minded people and also time to get some reward for your collection.

Please reach out to Amrutha Latha garu on the same.


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