Fraud alert! Man ends up paying Rs 50,000 for Biryani in Hyderabad- How it happened

Chicken Biryani

Food platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy have made our lives easier, hackers exploited innocent users and exposed them to new forms of fraud. Fraudsters are using new methods to rob people of their money.

In the latest case, a Hyderabadi man ended up paying Rs 50,000 for a biryani plate! Surprisingly, a resident of Rahamat Nagar lost Rs 50 thousand to online cheaters and did not taste the ‘special chicken biryani’ he ordered.

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According to a report in The News Minute, the resident ordered the Special Chicken Biryani. He was replaced by Sambar Rice. The Man searched online for Zomato Customer Care Contact to complain about this problem and resolve his issue.

The catch is that Zomato does not have a customer care number – the platform has tried to teach its customers in the past. However, a Google search will display some duplicate numbers. The fraudster, who is in the guise of a customer care service executive, apologized to the victim and said he would return the money. He shared a link to the QR (Quick Response) code to be scanned for a refund.

When the customer scans the QR code, Rs 50 thousand is credited from this bank account. The police have registered a case under IPC Section 420, IT Act 66D (Punishment for Deception by Deception Using Computer Resource) and the investigation is ongoing.

This is one of the scams in the country, where scammers share a QR code or link people to rob their money.

In the past, many customers reported Zomato’s fake customer care number, and then the platform complained to police, Food Aggregator told media Online. Users can write to the platform on its official website but there is no number they can call and register their complaints.

Please look into the details when approaching the customer care numbers and also use official mobile app.


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