CEO Rajat Kumar scrapes TRS land gift post and filed a complaint

rajat kumar

HYDERABAD: Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Rajat Kumar has lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad cyber crime police in connection with the smear campaign against him.

Rajat Kumar and his wife, an employee of MNC, purchased the land in 2013-2014 while he was commissioner of industries and it was also reported by the General Administration Department.

However, the vices have begun broadcasting on social media, setting the land record for 2019, claiming that the TRS government has rewarded the land for its favor in the recent elections.
In a complaint to the cyber crime police station, Rajat Kumar said, “WhatsApp is a completely fake and defamatory post on the TRS government.

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The TRS government has gifted 15 acres of 25 pits for their favor in the elections. Get registered I am. ”
He said the land was purchased from farmers with the permission of the state government memo dated August 6, 2014.
Rajat Kumar urged the police to book an FIR, identify the culprit involved and punish them in accordance with the rules of law, as “malicious posts jeopardize the institutional credibility of the chief election officer’s office.”
Rajat Kumar notified the GD of the then United Government on January 28, 2014, long before the partition.

Achala Kumar, the wife of Rajat Kumar, who worked as a Principal Executive Officer at Tata Services in New Delhi until January 2013, and then Vodafone, has an annual income of Rs 40 lakh.
He said farmers in Hemajipur had bought farmland from K Ram and K Lakshman from their salary savings. Rajat Kumar bought a 15 acre 15 sack at a cost of Rs 61 10.61 lakh while his wife bought two 8 acres two pits for Rs 5.58 lakh.

They informed the government in accordance with the All India Code of Conduct. However, the property records of the land records began to show that the people had received them in October 2019.


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