Cafe Bahar & Paradise Outlets in Hyderabad fined Rs 1 lakh by GHMC for ‘unhygienic’ kitchens

Paradise Outlet

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Thursday booked Paradise Outlets and Cafe Bahar, two of the most popular Biryani joint ventures in Hyderabad.

GHMC issued notices to two restaurant chains and issued a fine of Rs.

Officials visited Paradise Kitchen in Secunderabad after a customer complained of hair loss in the biryani they ordered at the SD Road branch, the restaurant chain’s first outlet.

“When we conducted the inspections today, we found single-use plastic and rotten vegetables in a clean kitchen. We found that they were using crystal salt instead of iodized salt,” GHMC’s Food Inspector E Sudharshan Reddy told.

It was also searched at Cafe Bahar in Sitaram Nagar when the authorities found that the restaurant was running without a commercial license, the kitchen was not clean and the waste was not segregated.

According to reports, the workers did not wear gloves and kept the Dustbins close to the raw food they were about to cook.

There have been similar incidents from Hyderabad in the past.

In November last year, the iconic Karachi Bakery in Ameripet came under the scanner of civic body officials after a customer complained about worms found in sweets purchased from the bakery. Bakery owners have been fined Rs 25,000 for violating safety regulations.

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In September, a customer visiting the city’s IKEA store complained of serving contaminated food at a restaurant after finding a fly in his chocolate cake.

Earlier that month, a caterpillar was found in a biryani served at a store restaurant, followed by a fine of Rs 11,500.

Meanwhile, a team from GLMC has fined KLM Fashion Mall Rs 3 lakh for displaying illegal video on Chandanagar Road in violation of special development and regulations. According to reports, this is the third time that GHMC has imposed fines on the outlet.


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