Brothers ‘Robbed’ their jewelery shop to claim insurance in Karimnagar

brother robbery jewellery

The two brothers who run the jewelery shop have made a play in the style of cinema. Although they perfectly scripted and directed the action thriller, they have not escaped from the modern technology used by the police to detect cases.

Kasula Mahesh and his brother Kasula Bhaskar own Vijayalakshmi Traders and Jewelers at Gandhi Chowk in Jammukunda town.

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They complained to the police that on the night of December 31 thieves opened their jewelery shop and stole 700 grams of gold jewelery and 6 kg of silver worth more than Rs 11 lakh. The police have registered a case based on the complaint.

After going through CCTV footage and interrogating older offenders, police understood that the shop owners had executed the robbery.

In order to get insurance and not pay back the debt, the two brothers made a robbery drama. As part of the strategy, they bought gold and silver and got bills in the name of the shop.

They damaged the cupboards and created a scene of exploitation and threw the story of the home. On the day of the incident, Bhaskar went to Warangal to inform his neighbors that his wife was going to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Mahesh left for Hyderabad.

According to their plan, Bhaskar drove his wife to their new home and returned to the store at midnight. He opened the shutter’s lock and fixed the broken lock. He then alerted the neighbors and their community leader. Later, Mahesh too joined his brother. The police resolved the case within 24 hours.


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