Beeramguda Roads: Officials denied the promises to repair roads

Beeramguda Roads

Local municipal authorities have failed to honor the promise that the Beeramguda roads will be repaired within a few days after the residents of various colonies recently seized the municipal office.

Even the dharmas of representatives of various political parties have no influence on the authorities. The road has become a curse for auto drivers, two-wheelers, pregnant women, tractors, water tankers and other road users like four-wheelers.

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Beeramguda, which is coming under Ameenpur Municipality is the fastest growing area in Telangana and the nourishment of poor people, software professionals, traders, and employees is the best way to live in Telangana. They are paying taxes on crores. Although many representations have been made to the authorities, they have been denied basic facilities.

Despite the recommendation of experts, the main roads in the town and the inner roads in the colonies are ineligible for public use due to potholes, lack of width and repairs. Public representatives and concerned authorities are following a reckless attitude to public requests for immediate beeramguda roads repairs.

Speaking to the press, some residents expressed concern over the lack of response to their repeated requests. They are of the opinion that the road from Beeramguda Common to Kishtar Reddypet has become worse as women, elders, school children, and employees are suffering. Many fell into the potholes and were injured. Recently the water tanker capsized, Fortunately, no one is near the accident site. Residents have expressed concern that road accidents could result in deaths at night if immediate repairs are not carried out.


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