Beeramguda Road widening to 4 line road was sanctioned: HMDA

beeramguda road widening

Beeramguda Road widening from the existing 2 line road to strengthening it to 4 line road project on the endorsement of Honourable Minister MA&UD Shri KTR and on the request of Honourable MLA Gudem Mahipal Reddy, was sanctioned and approved by the HMDA authorities.

This is a much-awaited move from the government and localities who belong to beeramguda and also who travel frequently between Beeramguda Kaman and Kishtareddy would definitely express their happiness towards this great initiation.

It was believed that Shri, KTR Minister for MA & UD Personally invited MLA Gudem Mahipal reddy on 19th September on the occasion of his birthday and gifted this approved copy to Shri Mahipal Reddy.

The stretch from beeramguda main road i.e beeramguda Kaman to kistareddypet is approximately 4.9 kms and this road connects 8 to 10 colonies stretching from Kaman to kistareddypet.

Beeramguda Road Widening

The work would be taken up very soon by the HMDA widening the 2 lane road to 4 lane road, the estimated cost of the project is around 49 crore (or actual expenditure) for the completion of the road widening project.

As per the regulations, HMDA would share 67% of the investment and local municipality would share a 33% investment subject to the concurrence of the Government of Telangana.

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The promise of this beeramguda road widening was given by the chief minister during the election campaign held at patancheru in the presence of the local MLA Shri, Gudem Mahipal Reddy.

Apart from the public interest various political parties including CITU protested and staged dharnas to force the government to take up this project as quickly as possible, finally, the procedure is yet to start by the local authorities.

The road conditions have become gradually worse than ever due to heavy rains and numerous path holes which becomes a nightmare for the drivers who drove towards Kaman to kistareddypet, people from beeramguda would really appreciate this move if the project work is taken up quickly and make the commute easy and convenient for the public.


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