Battery Car not Starting? Here are some reasons for it to check

Electric Car

Battery cars have become prominent in the market from the past couple of years and quite comfortably we are getting comfortable to use the battery cars in our daily lives.

Now the question is what if our car won’t start during some emergency? Yes, that’s a big question, we might get hundreds of suggestions and solutions for normal petrol and diesel cars but the question with battery-operated cars are quite different.

Ignition Problems:

Ignition Problem

Ignition switch problem is quite common and can happen any time if there is a faulty ignition switch, switch on your headlights and check if the lights are popping up in a full brightness without switching on the engine. if the lights are bright and you could not start the engine then it’s pretty sure that your vehicle ignition switch has a problem.

Battery Problem:

electric car battery

As the car is a battery-operated one, the chances are very high that can halt your car to get started.¬†Sometimes we forget to turn off the dome light or anything, or it could be some defective part of the vehicle’s electrical system that drains the battery. Sometimes, if the battery is old, it may die one day, even if the day before. In both cases, if the battery is low, it may not have enough power to rotate the engine: you may hear some clicking noise, or the starter may turn too slow when trying to start the engine.

Here is a simple way to check if the battery is discharged:
Turn on the windshield wipers. If they move much slower and slower than normal, the battery is low in charge. Look at the dome light. If you get too dim when starting the engine or turning on the wipers, the battery will be drained.

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If the battery is relatively new, it can be recharged. One way to do this is to start your car and run the engine for a while to recharge the battery. Read below about the start of the jump. One thing to know: if the battery is over 4-5 years old, it may be completely dead, so it won’t take charge and the car won’t restart after you turn it off. In this case, you may need a new battery. The problem with the vehicle’s charging system is that it does not recharge the battery.

Jump-Starting the Car

jump starting car

Jumpstart is a way to start a car with a weak battery using the power of a good battery in another vehicle. You need another car with jumper cables and good battery life, and this is a very quick process. The last time my battery died in the grocery store parking lot, a fellow driver helped me jump out of my car – fortunately, I had jumper cables. We connected the cables, my engine started immediately, and in a few minutes, I was heading to the spare parts shop to get a new battery.
Now, the process is simple, but for the right way to do this in your vehicle, you should check your owner’s manual because different cars have different points of connection points. It is important to connect jumper cables the right way, so check the instructions in your employer manual carefully. If you don’t have an owner manual, most car manufacturers offer to download an electronic copy from their websites.
Be careful, the person I know had to scrap his car after accidentally mixing positive and negative cables when he started jumping his car; This caused extensive damage to his vehicle’s electrical system.



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