Basrah-Aqaba Oil Pipeline Construction discussion on Iraq, Jordan Prospects For- Amman


Amman: Jordanian Energy Minister Hala Jawati and Iraqi Oil Minister Tamir Gadban on Thursday discussed the construction of Basrah-Aqaba Oil Pipeline to transport oil from Iraq’s Basra to Jordan’s Aqaba, the Hashemite State Energy Ministry said.

The talks came after the Iraqi government on Tuesday approved two new oil export projects, including the Basrah-Aqaba Oil Pipeline construction project. The decisions appear to be part of Baghdad’s efforts to find new shipping routes amid rising tensions in the Persian Gulf, which have been attacked by several oil tankers over the past few months.

“Jordan’s Energy Minister Hala Jawati and Iraqi Oil Minister Tamir Gadban discussed bilateral relations in Baghdad on Thursday, particularly with the possibility of building a pipeline [running] through the port of Aqaba,” the ministry said in a statement.

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“Jawati emphasized the importance of the Iraq Cabinet’s decision to implement the project, which will ship 1 million barrels of oil daily for export from Basra to the Red Sea port of Aqaba.”

According to the Jordanian minister, following the decision by the Iraqi government, the Amman and Baghdad agreements to start construction of the pipeline.


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