Avast Photo Space App lets you save seven times more photos on your iPhone

Avast Photo Space App

This Free App Will save Seven times more photos on your iPhone.

When you consider the name “Avast,” what’s the primary issue that involves mind? we are able to guarantee it won’t be iPhone image storage apps, however the corporate simply discharged one that you simply ought to completely consider. If not for the sleek graphics and therefore the nice interface, check it out for its wizardry: consistent with Avast, its new app will store 7GB of photos in exactly 1GB storage space.

OK, therefore it’s not magic in the slightest degree. Instead, the app uses cloud storage and a few smarts to transfer all of your photos at full resolution so save lower-quality versions on your phone. The result’s seven times a lot of photos within the same quantity of storage. whether or not you’ve got a 16GB iPhone or a 128GB model, you’ll actually never have enough free storage, right?

The full description for the Avast photo space app follows below at the side of a link to transfer it.

Avast photo space is your free and perfectly safe resolution to an overcrowded image gallery. Don’t let your phone’s restricted memory stop you from conserving life’s most precious moments: with Avast Photo Space app, you’ll store and share as several photos as you’ll take.

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“Why can’t my phone save a lot of photos?”

It’s as a result of your phone’s camera takes high-quality images, however it doesn’t optimize them for storage. That’s wherever Avast photo space comes in. we are able to optimize your images to scale back the space consumed in your phone whereas keeping them straightforward to share. Then, you’ll transfer the initial image onto the cloud service of your alternative. Through this technique, you’ll match 7GB value of photos into 1GB of space!

It’s simple:

Take an image with any camera app

Open Avast photo space app

Set up cloud synchronization (if you haven’t already)

The original is shipped to the cloud

A copy is then optimized and saved on your phone

Avast photo space app comes with its own camera app, which is able to mechanically transfer, optimize, and synchronize your photos to the cloud. suggested to save lots of you time and knowledge.

Avast photo space is liberal to transfer and use—so you’ve got nothing to lose. attempt it today!



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