Ashwini Nachappa on Anju’s resignation : Politics played a big role

Ashwini Nachappa on anjus resignation

Former Indian Runner athlete and sports activist Ashwini Nachappa termed ace long jumper Anju George’s recent resignation from Sports Council of kerala as “unfortunate” stating that it once more it is proved that there’s “more politics in sport than in politics.”

“It terribly very unfortunate that athletes have to be compelled to bear this (citing Anju’s case). there’s a lot of politics in sports than in politics, that shouldn’t happen,” Nachappa told throughout going with the interaction.

“When a contestant takes up a role, what’s necessary is to observe the progress that he or she makes in this position and there are several athletes who can will do wonders within the administrative system. It’s not that athletes cannot do it.

We are simply not given the chance and after we are given the chance it becomes political which shouldn’t happen.

So it’s terribly terribly unfortunate,” the celebrated contestant of yesteryear’s commented on the sidelines of a promotional event organized by Dabur organization.

Nachappa conjointly lamented on the interference of politicians in running sports federations across thourgh out the country.

“We can’t do away with it as a result of each federation is which was lead by politicians.”

The 1990 Asian Games silver medalist is of the view that drug menace has become rampant across sporting disciplines. “Most athletes are taking it (drugs). It’s simply an opportunity that you just take and you get caught. however individuals are taking it across disciplines.”

Commenting on the Russian doping scandal she aforesaid, “Russian athletes did that however it’s unhappy for the remainder of the athletes, who were clean are currently being penalised,” she plumbed frustrated. Talking regarding the Clean Sports India initiative and her fight against corruption, Nachappa aforesaid,”It’s not that simple to kick out one thing that has been happening for the last forty five years. however i believe Clean Sports india, that was launched in 2010 before Commonwealth Games, has brought out several problems that individuals weren’t attentive to.

Many people were imprisioned on this and on this we have achieved something. now the scenario is little changed that we are involing sports persons and people in administrative roles and it is an ongoing process. There must be a great unity in sports persons. – Nachappa..



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