An Interview With Actor, Fitness Model And Bodybuilder, Aaron Robey.

Aaron Robey Interview

Inspired by bodybuilding, Aaron Robey an actor and a bodybuilder and also fitness freak dreamed of someday becoming a top bodybuilder… In the following interview, Aaron explains how he has achieved major publicity as a model and more. Read on!

Aaron Robey dreamed of someday becoming a top bodybuilder and achieving fame on an international stage. Today, at age 33, he is internationally recognized as the new face of the bodybuilding/fitness world apart from his acting profession, having appeared on the cover of the good number of publications that can be magazines and also websites across the globe.

As a bodybuilder, Aaron Robey, an American who was Born in Columbus Ohio on March 28, 1985, to Aaron and Carrie Robey, Aaron spent the early years of his life in the Mid-West.

Aaron Robey’s physique is considered to be one of the most attractive in the bodybuilding/fitness industry as he is thought to have the reasonable combination of mass, cuts, and proportion – good size and aesthetics, which have made him a sought-after model in the industry.

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With his recent exposure, he is well on his way to achieving this aim. In the following interview, Aaron Robey explains how he has achieved this level of publicity as a model and how he intends to further grow his career.

1. How did you get started in bodybuilding Aaron Robey? What attracted you, to begin with, bodybuilding?

I initially got started in bodybuilding because I was a personal trainer at the time and had been working out for quite a while. I felt my physique was at the best that it has ever been, and I wanted to see how it would look on stage and How it compared to others across the USA.

2. What were your initial bodybuilding goals?

My overall goals were to finish the preparation for the actual show and not give up. Bodybuilding is completely different from basic gym training, so I had no idea of what I was in for or the end results.

3. You seem quite critical of Arnold’s physique. Who inspired you to get into this bodybuilding?

Arnold inspires me in more ways than just bodybuilding. How he started as a bodybuilder and morphed into an international movie star. I never was inspired by a single BB when I got started. I just wanted to see how good I could look if I do everything perfect.

4. You are an actor and also a bodybuilder, so which profession makes you happier at work? If so can you please tell us your work life incidents?

Bodybuilding and acting affect me differently. I love how I become any character I want by just studying the characters, but bodybuilding takes you to a point of focus I have never experienced in my life. It is an unreal feeling.

5. What motivates you to stick to your healthy lifestyle?

The look definitely keeps me going. It’s addictive and I’m fully addicted. I want to get better no matter how far I have come. I’m always learning and I can always make improvements in my physique.

6. Do you have any plans in helping people across the globe with your bodybuilding tips or any trainings?

I have a website that I am preparing the release. I have put my entire training experiences and all the tips and secrets I have learned throughout my years of training and bodybuilding. It will be a complete platform that will transform anyone on any fitness level from the beginners to competitive athletes. Full training routines with corresponding meal plans and scheduling. No one will be left out.

I have over 20 Indian clients I am currently training now and have been training for over 4 years. I have learned the culture, eating habits and tailored my meal plans for all eating habits.

In the past years, I have been in quite a few movies from American to Bollywood. It a gratifying experience to be able to become anything I want on film. I have several projects coming up so I’m excited with the process.

Thank you for your time, Aaron Robey,  I’m sure you will achieve all your goals and wish you good luck in your future.




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