Amazon’s smart speaker Alexa will now Understand Hindi Aswell

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can now speak in Hindi, the company announced today at an event in Delhi.

The company launched its voice assistant for the first time in India in October 2017 along with its Echo devices.

The assistant already understands some of the Hinglish, but with the support of the Hindi language, it is becoming more versatile for Indian users.

“When your speech is mixed, (awareness) it needs some new science. So, our text-to-speech (TTS) models are now using a bilingual model, ”said Prem Natarajan, Vice President of Alexa AI & Head – Natural Understanding at Amazon India,

Further, the company said that the inclusion of Hindi will not affect the skills of its partners on the platform. “We are a huge lifeline to understand what the customer has to say and put it into context.

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So, if a user says “Book a Cab”, the assistant tells the relevant on-demand cab service to book a cab without understanding the Hindi command. However, Amazon allows partners to leverage its TTS model to make their responses to user orders more natural.

Further, the company has confirmed that all Alexa-enabled devices will have Hindi support. Other companies that build devices with Alexa inside have to add Hindi functionality specifically, which means they have to send an over-the-air (OTA) update to their existing customers to add Hindi support.

Similar to Google’s language settings, customers need to toggle Alexa’s language setting to Hindi to speak to an assistant in that language.

This move would surely help the senior citizens and also who were unable to English, hence this move will bring in another chunk of customers into the amazon echo basket.


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