Is Alcohol Good or Bad for Blood Pressure?

Alcohol good or bad

Alcohol is something more concerned word for someone who likes drinking but if we go close to it

Is drinking good or bad for your blood pressure?

There isn’t a straightforward yes-or-no answer for this question, but here are some guidelines to consider if you have abnormal Blood Pressure:

Avoid heavy drinking:

More than two drinks per day for men, or one drink per day for women, can raise blood pressure as well as having other negative health effects and so need to have a proper picture on what we are taking in.

Avoid binge drinking:

Don’t be a Camel and Don’t “save up” and have all seven drinks on Saturday night! Repeated binge drinking can raise blood pressure even if the total amount of alcohol you drink is not that high. so if you like drinking have one peg per day and keep yourself in limit but never gallons of drink at a time, it actually raises your blood pressure.

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A little alcohol may help:

There’s quite few evidences that light to moderate drinking (i.e one peg per day) can lower your blood pressure by a couple of points. Alcohol, especially red wine, can also help prevent heart disease.

Consider your own circumstances:

Still it is different for different people like If you have liver disease, the risks of even light drinking outweigh the small benefits. If you’ve struggled with alcoholism, you know that stopping at one drink can be difficult. In some cases it’s definitely best to avoid alcohol completely.

There need lot of patience and commitment for a heavy drinker to stick to one peg and what i advise is to have a 30ml pegs twice and it actually makes you feel you had enough and this routine will actually boost your health.

Eating a heart-healthy diet is also considered as so important constraint for managing your blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke.


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