Affiliate Leadership Style to Master in Your Work Environment

Affiliate Leadership

When is affiliate leadership ineffective?

When the target is challenging and complex, the leader is expected to give strategies and directives rather than to sort out emotional constrains. Hence to accomplish composite projects and deadlines, this style of leadership will not be helpful.

Moreover, if the leader cannot read the poignant undercurrents of an individual on the team; if he is unable to hold mutual trust among the group, this affiliate leadership is ineffective. When the leaders work for the company and to reach the targets, it is indeed a time consuming task to study the emotion of an individual and to rectify his problem.


There are chances that make everyone else on the team to think of the affiliate leader as on who pokes his nose in their affairs. Moreover, few emotional constrains cannot be solved by mere reconciliation and consolation talk. Time will set few things right in places. When targets are right ahead of the leader and when solving the problems go tough, affiliate leadership will not help.

How does it work?

When the affiliate leadership is meticulously employed, it will give high performance. This will nullify the stress factor in the work atmosphere and helps the members have high spirits and favorable working conditions . It brings positive impact too. It makes the work environment dynamic and works in the members to exhibit loyalty and accept to accomplish the toughest projects.

On the other hand, when the people of the team are prioritized, it will give an image that the leader is incapable to face tough targets. And there are chances that he is treated as a commoner and not as a leader by the team members. When the target is to be achieved, the leader is expected to exercise authority in achieving the same. The leader cannot always be cordial and commending. He cannot act as a stress buster all the time. If so, he will land up in a distressed situation. Moreover, the team will be content with the positive feedback and there are chances of stagnation of performance. They may become reluctant to move forward and to work hard.

The affiliate leader who believes that people and person come in the first place over the organization’s goals and targets will at times forced to overlook the members’ lethargic performance merely because it is out of the leadership ethics. Consequently, it is the business that will decline. – Zain Caldwell


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